“Mooney & Associates has been our family attorneys for many years. The professionalism is very high. We’re made to feel very comfortable. The attorneys and staff are highly qualified and I would recommend Mooney & Associates to anyone, anytime.” – Paul Holub, Jr. (July 2009)

“I was very happy with everything in handling my mother’s estate.” – Tamara George (January 2012)

“I was very satisfied with everything Amy and John did for me. You are the best. It’s the first time I ever needed an attorney and hopefully the last. Should I ever need an attorney again, it will be your firm. Thank you for representing me with my DUI.” – Rolanda Morningstar (January 2012)

“We were treated with the utmost respect in every way possible. The entire team was always friendly and helpful every step of the way. Judith made us feel like we were part of her family instead of just her clients. We will definitely use Mooney & Associates again in the future if needed.” – Dale & Charlotte Stair (August 2012)

“Very satisfied. Very nice attorney. Also, the young lady at the desk was very nice. I would tell anyone who needs a good attorney to go to Mooney & Associates.” – Peggy Smith (August 2012)

“I was very satisfied with Mooney & Associates. The entire process went so much smoother than I had expected. I have and will refer them to others. Overall performance was excellent.” – Sallie Vlahos (October 2012)

“I am very pleased with the way Mooney & Associates handled my case.” -(January 2013)

“Very pleased. If I ever need anything again, Mooney & Associates is where I am going to go!” -Allyssa Peterson (March 2016)


“I have dealt with Attorney Mooney for 20+ years and I have always been totally satisfied. I have recommended him to many friends and relatives. He is very knowledgeable in many aspects. I am more than satisfied! Janice was very nice to work with during the estate process! She made things very easy to understand and was always there to answer any questions I had. – (November 2009)

“Could not have made it through the last 9 years with my sanity if it wasn’t for John Mooney! Bulldog when he has to be. Can’t be cloned.” – (October 2009)

“Dear John, Thanks for your help with my father’s estate. You’ve been there for Dad through many issues and you’ve done a great job helping him through all of it. You don’t know how many times he would tell me about the legal wranglings with his wives and how worried I would be about his legal protection. He would tell me “John told me not to worry, he will take care of it,” and you would.  If Dad said you needed to talk to him because there might be a problem, then there was something that needed to be done. I always knew you had Dad’s back. I know it’s your job, but thanks for doing it so well for someone who didn’t have much. Usually, the little people get the shaft from lawyers. You helped Dad keep his house and I think his dignity too. These last years were not financially good for him and I think you helped keep his head above water. Thank you for helping me with Dad’s Will and everything your office has done for my family during this last year and a half. Thanks for getting rid of the collections people too! I really didn’t want to have to pay all those debts. Thank You!”

“Very professional, to the point! Great, Awesome, Wow!” – (October 2009)

“Everything went great and resulted in a WIN!” – Debra Adkins (August 2009)

“Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Also big thanks for everything you did to help throughout the whole three year ordeal. Hopefully we are done with everything at this point. However, if I’m ever in need again you will be the only one I go to!! Thanks so much again!”

“Attorney Mooney was wonderful. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney.”

“Very Professional, Very Smart, and Knows the Law. I would recommend Attorney Mooney to anyone!” – (June 2009)

“Very competent, personable, and kept us up to date on all matters. Advice was good.” – Paul Holub, Jr. (July 2009)

“Attorney Mooney knows his job and respects my wishes and I’m thankful!”- (July 2009)

-“Thank you for helping me through everything over the years. You and your team of people have helped me to have a less stressful life, and I am truely grateful for that. I am, and will continue to tell people what a wonderful and great job you all do. Your patience and guidance were what I needed in a lawyer and that’s what I got. Best regards to you and your families.” – (April 2010)

“Attorney Mooney was always upfront and honest with us no matter what. It was a difficult time in our life, but he was always helpful along with his paralegal, Pam. They always provided as much information as they could to us and also were very generous when it came time to pay our invoices. Thank you!” -Charles Williams (February 2011)

“I put my trust in John Mooney. He had definitely done his job. I would definitely refer friends and family.” -Sarah Baker (February 2011)

“Very satisfied with everything and what everyone did for me.” -Donald Shultz (February 2011)

“Very satisfied in all aspect of way case was handled.” -Connie Sipe (February 2011)

“We have always been extremely pleased with the help and advice we have been given!!!” -(December 2011)

“John is the MAN!” -Greg Wolf (December 2011)

” Nice job Mr. Mooney.” -(December 2011)

“Very satisfied in all categories, would refer to friends and family. “Extremely courteous, friendly, easy to communicate with. Knowledgeable.” -(January 2012)

“I was very satisfied with Attorney Mooney. For one thing, I am hard of hearing, but Attorney Mooney was very patient with me while he was explaining things to me; which made me feel less nervous. He even took [the] time to talk to me about another legal matter, other than what I was there for, at no extra charge. I would highly recommend this law firm.” -Mary Deitman (January 2012)

“Very satisfied in all categories.” -Lynda Butt (February 2012)

“Very satisfied with John Mooney and staff- the way they worked [with] me and helped me any way they could.” -Donald Shultz, Jr. (February 2012)

“Very professional, yet personable. Good knowledge of the law. Would use again!” -(February 2012)

“Very satisfied in all categories. Thank you John for all your help!” -Lori Neumann (February 2012)

“Absolutely recommend to friends and family. John Mooney did a great job with us. We appreciate all of his help. Thank you!” -(February 2012)

“Very satisfied with everything, thank you!!!” -(February 2012)

“Everything was explained in simple terms. We were very pleased with the service. We would definitely recommend Mooney & Associates.” -(April 2012)

“Mr. Mooney came prepared to win – and did!” -Philip Brown (August 2012)

“Made a hard task of making a will seem easy.” -Wendy Livelsberger (August 2012)

“I’ve been a client for 16 years and they have always done an excellent job for me and my family in all legal matters from criminal, custody, wills, closings and estate.” (September 2012)

“Mr. Mooney was very professional, courteous and very well prepared. He is confident and well informed. Would highly recommend him.” -Darlene McKeon (January 2013)

“You guys did great; if I ever need anything else I’ll know right where to go! Thanks Mooney & Associates!!” -Tyler Becker (January 2013)

“In a few words – Attorney John Mooney is there for you, cares about you, is very professional and I would not have gotten through my divorce without his representation.” -(July 2013)

“In a word…reassuring!” -(September 2013)

“John Mooney has been my attorney for 30 years. I put all my trust in him!!” -Victoria Nicholson (December 2013)

“I was very pleased with Mr. Mooney and everything he did for me. He went out of his way when he didn’t have to and it was much appreciated. Thank you!” -Dalton Wicker (February 2014)

“The caring and satisfaction that we received in settling mother’s estate, made this time in our lives so much easier to deal with. Thanks so much!” -Rodger Laughman (April 2014)

“Mr Mooney was very professional and willing to help me with my case. He did everything he could for the best results. ” -Brittany Pittenturf (April 2014)

“Very Professional Service! If anyone wants the best, see John Mooney!” -Robert Harlacher (April 2014)

“Yes, I would highly recommend Mooney & Associates to my friends and family! I am very pleased with the work done for me! Very professional! Thanks again for your help!”  -Kenneth Rummel (August 2014)

“It is a pleasure working with John and his staff.” -Sharon Rice (October 2014)

“Thank you for making me feel like I am important to you, and my situation is a top priority for you.” (December 2014)

“Excellent in all aspects.  I wish I had Attorney Mooney a long time ago.  Thank you!”  (December 2014)

“I appreciated the kindness shown to address the problems encountered with the estate of my daughter and personal estate.” (June 2015)

“John’s the best!  I always recommend him to people.” -Pamela Morris (July 2015)

“We appreciate the help in making our Wills and receiving all the information that is needed to set up our Durable Power of Attorney etc.  We especially appreciate having the Supplemental Needs Trust set up for our daughter which we did not know was available.  Thank you for everything.” (July 2015)

“Attorney Mooney is genuinely concerned with winning your case and ensuring that you are protected from unfair judgment and/or blame.  He will be honest and open with you at all times.  My household refers to him as the “Bulldog” of lawyers.  When you want to get it done, it gets done.  He doesn’t back down and I like that in a lawyer.” (July 2015)

“Very professional, complete, and qualified to win the case at hand.” (November 2015)

“John is a wonderful attorney.  [He] is not only my attorney, I consider him a very special friend as well.  Thanks for everything over the years!” -Ann Wonder (November 2015)

“John Mooney was very knowledgeable and professional!” -Amanda Campbell (March 2016)

“Great- Would use again.” -Lisa Wonder (March 2016)

“Mr. Mooney is extremely personable and very knowledgeable! I would recommend him to anyone!” (April 2016)

“Was very knowledgeable and very helpful with my situation.” -Sarah Cowgill (June 2016)

“Attorney Mooney was very responsive and helpful during a stressful time for me. I knew my legal matters were in good hands with him.” -(July 2016)

“He gave me piece of mind.” (September 2016)

“Always the best at what you do. Thank you for everything.” -David Morris ( November 2016)


“Patient, Punctual, and Kind (with kids too!). The best!” – Harry Ort, Adrienne Ort, Marianne Zaia-Ort (August 2009)

“He knew what to do and he did it. I was very pleased and satisfied. He took care of everything! Thank you!”

“He was very understanding and compassionate. He explained each step of the process to me and he knows the law. That was very helpful to me. He was willing to work with me even with my low income.” – Jenny Alvarez

“George was very easy to talk to, it kind of felt like I knew him for years.”

“Relates very well to all parties involved. Is always courteous and understanding.” – Victoria Kuchtiak (May 2010)

“No complaints whatsoever. Updated frequently with where case was and what the next step would be. Thank you so much!” -Jennifer Bixler (November 2010)

“Glad George was recommended to me. And would recommend Mooney & Associates to anyone who needed a lawyer.” -Jason Peifer (December 2011)

“Very satisfied. Everyone I had dealt with was extremely friendly, patient and understanding.” (February 2012)

“Took time to answer all of our questions and concerns. George was a great comfort to talk to and help with our estate planning.” (August 2012)

“Attorney George Swartz, II made me feel comfortable during an uncomfortable situation. He was willing to help and was very informative. I felt he was “for” me and I trusted him completely to handle my matter.” -AmyMcNutt (August 2013)

“We totally appreciated everything our attorney did for us. He kept us informed and made us feel comfortable when we were unaware of what might happen next and he tried to keep us calm!” (January 2014)

“I have always been treated with respect by Mooney & Associates with all of my dealings with this firm before and after the death of my husband. I have always been made to feel like I was number one, during and after my appointment.” -Brenda Sterner (March 2014)

“Excellent!” -Adrienne Payne (June 2014)

“Smart and efficient” -Leah Gellis (October 2014)

“I was recommended by a friend for a house settlement.  I was very pleased with the whole process.  The staff was very professional & put us all at ease.  At that time, they offered a free will with settlement.  This was great.  I had been wanting to do it…it was a great opportunity.  Attorney Swartz made it seem like such a simple procedure!  Everyone is very professional & friendly!  Keep it up!” (October 2014)

“Helped me with my case very professionally.  I would definitely recommend to a friend.” (October 2014)

“Overall – Highly satisfied!” (December 2014)

“Attorney Swartz handled my divorce.  He was very professional, and answered all my questions and concerns.  Highly recommend him to my friends.”  -Rosanne Rutter (January 2015)

“Thank all of you for your kindness and great service to my children and myself throughout the years.  May God bless all of you!!!” -Alobramo Barnabae (May 2015)

“Thank you for the prompt and courteous service in handling my divorce case.” -Norman Gesell (November 2015)

“Mr. Swartz made me very confident about what the results would be and we were very satisfied with his handling of our situation because we never needed a lawyer before and we were nervous.” -Barbara Redding (January 2016)

“Very pleased with the whole process in which Attorney Swartz assisted.  He was very thorough and made the process bearable.” (January 2016)

“Accurate and helpful with all my business needs.  George is the man you can count on.” -Matt Smith (January 2016)

“Mr. Swartz, I appreciate your help in having my suspension deleted and standing by me in a difficult time. I have never had to go to court before and you helped make that more manageable. Thank you.” (March 2016)

“I was convinced that I wanted to go to you after I had watched your ads on TV. Now that you have worked for us, you are “the best.”” (April 2016)

“I could not have been more satisfied and please with the way Attorney Swartz handled my case and represented me.” (December 2016)

“I was treated fairly with respect and politeness.” (January 2017)

“Attorney George Swartz was wonderful. He understood the importance of our case and was respectful of how emotional our journey was. He handled everything, which took much of the stress off of us. He was professional, friendly, and extremely helpful. Many, many thanks to him and Devy. -Heather and Kevin Henning (January 2017)


“Personal, Professional Advocate” – Frank Miller, Jr.

“Very informative, straight forward; initially contacted three attorney offices. One didn’t return call and one said I didn’t have a case. Your office responded promptly.” – Donald Harrell (May 2010)

“He knew what to expect and explained things in detail.”

“Jason Imler was very helpfuly in all aspects.” – Stephanie Lang (July 2010)

“Mr. Imler gave me the best service I could ever expect. He took the time to explain all of my options in plain English. Mr. Imler is my attorney for life.” – Gerald Leppo (July 2010)

“I have had a very good experience working with the firm of Mooney & Associates. I have dealt with them in the past and would not hesitate to ask for their help and expertise in the future. The people there are considerate and helpful.” – Linda Klunk (July 2010)

“I am very pleased with how Mooney & Associates handled this case. I value the honesty and professionalism exhibited here.” – James Barton (August 2010)

“Great Job. Thanks.” -Dwight Deller (September 2010)

“I would like to say thank you to Jason Imler and Judy Forry for keeping me up to date and well informed on the progress of my case. It was a pleasure to have them as my attorney and paralegal.” -Kathy Smith (October 2010)

” We really appreciate all you did for us, we were really stressed and now we are at least relieved in a couple areas. Thanks again for all your help- things went as you said they would- with no real surprises.” -Norman Johnson (October 2010)

“Attorney Imler was a very good attorney and I will recommend him as well as the firm to anybody who is seeking law services. Thank you for the great service that was extended to myself during your time on my case.” -Gregory Noell (November 2010)

“Jason was an excellent attorney to work with. I got to know him on a personal level, as well as professional. You are blessed to have such a fine attorney on your staff. Plan to use him or your association for future needs.”

“Will use again and for different reasons. This was my first time using a lawyer and it was a good experience.” -Donald Richards (December 2011)

“Jason Imler is not like some of the stuffy attorneys that I’ve dealt with in the past. I chose Jason over other attorneys due to his initial, friendly personality and up front information. It was as if I was talking with a friend or family member. I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks Jason. ” -Tom Adams (January 2012)

“Very professional and courteous.” -Sharon Kehr (January 2012)

Jason was rated as exceeding all expectations. “Thank you Jason!” -Reba Crabbs (January 2012)

“100% satisfied!” -Lance Janocha (February 2012)

“Very satisfied with the entire group. Thanks for all your help.” -(February 2012)

“Very nice and handled my case in a very professional way. Everything was done to my satisfaction.” -(July 2012)

“Jason did a first class job.” -(August 2012)

“My lawyer was Jason C. Imler, he was awesome and really cared about me. I was very pleased with him; he made me feel like I am someone. Will get him in the future if needed. Also, his secretary was very helpful and nice to me always.” -(January 2013)

“Very pleased overall with Jason. He did an outstanding job on my case and was very satisfied with him getting back to me within a day on emails.” -Travis Altland (December 2013)

“Everything was well done!” -Malaysia Shelton (October 2014)

“Jason was a very caring, understanding person.  He was up front and truthful about my case.  I would recommend him and Mooney & Associates to others, and will use this law firm in the future.  I cannot thank them enough for all their help.” -Rebecca Murtoff (November 2014)

“Mooney & Associates, particularly Jason Imler and our paralegal, Bria, helped us understand and navigate through the legal issues following a vehicle accident.  They helped to make sure we got fairly treated by the insurance company and were generally concerned with our recoveries.” – (December 2014)

“Thank you again Branwyn and Jason for everything you did for me with my SSD case! I thank you not only for the outcome but for your compassion, wisdom, and execution.  I would highly recommend your firm any day.” -Lori Maltby (April 2015)

“[Attorney Imler and his staff] always had the answers for me, but if they didn’t they found out the answer and call me quickly.  They explained things to me so I always knew what to expect next.  I will always suffer now, but at least my bills are paid.” -Vicky Sprenkle (July 2015)

“The paralegals for Jason Imler were wonderful and Jason was excellent as well! Very professional, friendly, and concerned.” -Tammy DeCosta (July 2015)

“Mr. Imler was very professional and informative with an extremely compassionate and attentive support staff!” -Lori Ann Maltby (August 2015)

“Thank you, Jason, for all your hard work.  We have already recommended you to several others.” -Dale Jones (February 2016)

“I would not hesitate to contact Jason again for legal help.” (February 2016)

” I have needed these services before, but I am very glad I called Mooney and Associates. They made the process a breeze.” (April 2016)

“Very Satisfied! Thank you!” (June 2016)

“Loved the no-nonsense attitude! Jason was to the point and direct, yet professional. I will definitely recommend your firm.” (August 2016)

“Very Satisfied, Jason was always available. Also the secretary in the Carlisle office was very courteous.” (September 2016)

” I thought Mr. Imler did an excellent job.” -Eleanor Brundick (January 2017)

“Jason Imler did an outstanding job for me! He got me almost double the offer!” – Lawrence Gaul (March 2017)


“Thank you for your help.” -Terry O’Donnell (August 2012)

“Mark Buterbaugh was excellent in handling my case. I will contact him in the future for legal advice. Many thanks!” -Bruce Hall (October 2013)

“I was very pleased with the outstanding service I received.” -Harold Hughes (December 2013)

“Thank you! It’s everything I wanted!” -Martha Kriner (December 2013)

“Mr. Buterbaugh is a very pleasant attorney. Very pleased with the respect he showed. Knows what to do to get things accomplished. I’m very satisfied with his representation. Thanks again.” -(February 2014)

“Mark and Brittany were great! Took care of me and got stuff done! Also, felt very comfortable with both! Thank you!!!” -(June 2014)

“Thanks for handling my workers’ compensation claim and taking the worries and pressures off of me.” -Dale Jones (June 2014)

“If I ever need an attorney I will contact Mark.  Thanks!” -Don Adkins (October 2014)

“I was extremely happy with the time and service I received.  Mark kept me updated on any issues that arose.  Brittany was polite and responded expediently to any correspondence or phone calls.” -Pamela Stouffer (May 2015)

“Thank you all for helping me.  I am very pleased.  God bless you all.” -Debora Fetter (July 2015)

“Special thanks to Mark Buterbaugh & Branwyn who gathered information necessary for my case.  I would like to tell you I appreciate all your hard work.  Without your dedication to help me, I wouldn’t have been approved for benefits.   Thanks again.”  -Oren Mackinlay Carlin (August 2015)

“I would highly recommend Mooney & Associates.  I have dealt with other law firms in my lifetime and have to say Mooney & Associates are way on top of things compared to other firms.  I was very pleased with Mark Buterbaugh as my attorney and although I hope to never have another Worker’s Compensation claim, he would be my first call.  I got results!” -Annette F. (January 2016)

“I think that Mark Buterbaugh is a very good lawyer. He was very helpful and explained to me so I could understand what was going on in my case. Thank you so much Mark Buterbaugh for your services.” -Corina Brown (March 2016)

“Very pleased with the outcome. When you have a work injury no matter how small and employer is not working with you, see Mark Buterbaugh with Mooney & Associates.” -Steven Finkey Sr. (March 2016)

“Mark was very personable.   He always had a smile.   On my worst days, he gave me hugs.   Believe me, there were days Julie was the best and she was great at her job.   As for Wendy, who you don’t mention and you should, she was a great listener.  Of course, some days she had no choice.   She deserves so much credit for the job she does.   I cried on her shoulder more than once, and no matter how busy she was, she had time for me. I would recommend them to anyone. Mark is not just an attorney; he is caring and gets the job done.   You’re lucky to have such great people working for you! Thank you very much for everything.” (March 2016)

“Competent and timely pursuant of the case. Friendly, yet professional in customer content.” (April 2016)

“Thanks to Mark Buterbaugh, shortly after retaining him as my lawyer, things changed quickly with my medical situation and surgery was done promptly. Thanks to his help. In the future I would contact him in any situation for representation or any recommendation he would give me.” -Gene Long (April 2016)

“Mark A. Buterbaugh was great!” (June 2016)

“I would use this law firm again if I ever needed a lawyer.” -Dana Shultz (June 2016)

“I would like to say that Mark Buterbaugh is a very good Worker’s Compensation lawyer and I will definitely have him again, in the future, if I need a Worker’s Compensation lawyer.” – Pauline Delgado (March 2017)



“Attorney Stottlemyer (Shawn) gave us peace of mind like no one else could in this matter from beginning to end. We would use his services and suggest his services to anyone needing help. Great communication and thorough with this whole case. Thank you Shawn.” -(March 2014)

“Shawn and Cindy were extremely helpful. Both were professional and very easy to work with and I thank them.” -Diane Shenton (March 2014)

“Did a great job.” -Nicolas Cromley (April 2014)

“Performance was good, with swift response and professional approach.  Would use again if necessary.” -Goran Trtanj (November 2014)

“Was very satisfied with my service.  My lawyer was on top of his game.  He did his homework.” (December 2014)

“For all my legal needs, M&A will be my lawyers.  Shawn was the man.” – (January 2015)

“Hopefully I won’t need your services again, but things happen.  Thank you so much for your expertise! I will pass your name on to anyone I talk to that needs your services.  Once again, thank you!” -David Johnson (February 2015)

“Very knowledgeable and quick service. Glad that my agency recommended me to your firm!” – Joyce Washington (March 2016)

“Being a first time client at Mooney & Associates, the paralegal and lawyer I worked with were both very friendly and respectful. I will recommend them for family and friends if needed. I will also use them for my personal use when needed. Thank you for your help and service.” (April 2016)

“Shawn was my son’s attorney. Very kind and easy to talk to. Thank you!”- Lee McMahon (April 2016)

“My parents recommended Shawn Stottlemyer to me because they are extremely please with his representation of them in a civil dispute. I am equally as pleased and have recommended him, as well as the firm, to others seeking legal representation.” -Jacquelee Graham (June 2016)

“This is the second time we had Shawn Stottlemyer of Mooney & Associates represent us in a matter. Again, he did an absolutely wonderful job!! Great firm to use and we’ve recommended to anyone that talks about needing an attorney. We will soon be starting a new matter that we will be seeking consultation for. Repeat customers!” -Jacquelee Graham (November 2016)

“Very professional and kind during a very stressful time.”- Charlene Allen (December 2016)

“I was very satisfied with Mr. Stottlemyer’s services. Friendly and understanding of my case.” (March 2017)

“Attorney Stottlemyer is shrewd, professional, tasteful, timelessly optimistic and personally committed to his clients. He patiently made sure I always fully explored and understood all of my available options and successfully went above and beyond defending me every step of the way. Shawn is a life saver, a reliable, trustworthy friend. I’d recommend him to anyone.” (March 2017)



“Thanks to the hard work of Mr. Clay Lingg and your firm, our legal problems were solved.” -Malinda McElroy (April 2015)

“We loved working with Clayton! He took a complicated process and made it so much simpler – We should have seen him soon.  We have been recommending him to family, friends and co-workers when anyone mentions that are going through this and are lost and don’t know what to do.  Thank you so much, Clayton!!” -Helen & Donald Weaver and family (June 2015)

“Attorney Lingg was fantastic! Very helpful, very professional, very caring – most pleased!  A++” -Marjorie Genicola (June 2015)

“Our family would recommend Attorney Lingg to anyone who is Estate Planning.” -Michelle Baker (July 2015)

“Attorney Lingg was wonderful in explaining and helping me with my affairs.” -Stacy Knaub (August 2015)

“Attorney Lingg was very friendly and personable.  He made us feel at ease and answered our questions in a way we could understand.” -Michelle Livingston (August 2015)

“Devy is a very good asset to Mooney & Associates.  Clayton is a very kind and patient gentleman and is also a good asset to Mooney & Associates.”  (October 2015)

“We’ve been dealing with Mooney & Associates for almost 20 years. [Satisfaction] – that’s why we come back!” (December 2015)

“Extremely satisfied with Attorney Clay Lingg’s service and help.  Love his sense of humor and attention to details – big help to me.  I trust Clay and would refer a friend without hesitation!” (December 2015)

“Attorney Lingg was knowledgeable and answered many questions. He is a very accomplished attorney.” (September 2016)

“He was young, but he seemed to know his business or was very well informed.”- Carla Cash (September 2016)

“Clayton was fantastic, he worked around our crazy schedules and was very knowledgeable.” – Chelsea Weibley (November 2016)

“He was very courteous and informative. He delivered on his promises.” -Victor Russell (November 2016)

“Clayton Lingg is professional, capable, knowledgeable and kind. The best.” (December 2016)

“I was very satisfied with Mr. Lingg and will probably be in touch with him again with more questions.”(February 2017)

“Clayton was wonderful to work with. His help, understanding, and complete professional persona were much appreciated. Thank you.” -Ronald Genicola (March 2017)



“Recently we, my son Braxton and I, needed top-notch representation in a legal case.  The first name that came to mind was, of course, Corky Goldstein.  This is the second time we used his services and could not be more satisfied!  He is just great!  There is no other way of putting it… He is great!  If ever again I need legal representation, Corky and your firm will be the first ones I contact.” -Michelle Erdman & Braxton Erdman (May 2015)

“[When my daughter and I needed legal representation] I talked to people I know, checked Google and AVVO, and the name that kept coming up was Corky Goldstein.  The end result, because of Corky, no charges were brought against me, and the only charges my daughter received were two summary offences that were handled at the district justice.  Corky even kept the fine to the lowest level the district judge could give.  I just had to tell you and your fellow lawyers how thrilled my daughter and I were with Corky Goldstein.  Not only did he [get] a great result for us, he saved my reputation and my business and gave my daughter, who was very frightened, a new lease on life.  Throughout the entire process he treated us with such respect, answered all of my many calls, and was everything I had heard about him.  If all lawyers could be like Corky with his passion and personal concern [as well as] his knowledge, I really think lawyers would have the real respect they deserve.” -Greg & Adria Bello (May 2015)

“Attorney Goldstein was extremely professional and helpful while handling my case.  His extensive knowledge at understanding the law made the whole process relatively painless and smooth.  He really cares and wants what’s best for his clients.  I’d recommend Mr. Goldstein to anyone who is in need of a lawyer for any circumstance.”  (December 2015)

“Mr. Goldstein is a great man of Law! He used every resource to help me. I cannot thank him enough. Mr. Goldstein has done more than and “ok” job. he went above and beyond any expectation.”- Nicholas Richute (March 2016)

“Thank you so much Corky Goldstein for helping us! You made our bad situation much better.” (April 2016)

“Right to the point, quick and thorough, always available to answer questions, and very consoling.” (August 2016)


“Thank you, Jessica, for your assistance.” -Eric Armstrong (February 2016)

“Find Ms. Weaver and her co-workers at her office very much outstanding and did a superb job for me.  Am deeply grateful for all they’ve done. Many thanks.” (February 2016)

“The service you provided was surprising. There was no waiting and hassle free. Very affordable. Thank you.” (August 2016)

“Attorney Weaver was wonderful. I had never gone to court before but she explained everything perfectly and helped me through the entire process. She was friendly, but hard to on the opponents. Attorney Weaver knew what she was doing and fought extremely well. If anyone I know needs a lawyer, I will send them to Mooney and Associates because they can expect great things.” (January 2017)




“Mooney and Associates provided a helpful services in a very difficult time for myself and my family. The fee was very reasonable and I appreciated that.” -Nadine Siar (April 2016)

“Quite Satisfied, Sympathetic to my plight.” (April 2016)

“Thank you for all you have done for me as my attorney. I’m very glad that my aunt gave me your info. You were wonderful on so many levels. I am so appreciative to you, your paralegals, and your firm.” (June 2016)



“Very Friendly.” -William Albaugh (April 2016)

“Andrew was very friendly and competent”-Colleen Rabenstine (June 2016)

“Andrew Withers was a very good attorney for my employment case. He was also very helpful and very kind. Thank you Andrew for all of your help.” (March 2017)


“Attorney Parker and Melody made what could have been a very stressful experience very manageable. I was kept fully informed throughout each step of the process.” L.H. (December 2016)

“Attorney Parker was wonderful. He really calmed me down, explaining exactly what would happen when I was going to court. In the future, if I am in need of an attorney I would not hesitate to call him again.”- Virginia Sabo ( March 2017)