When you are hurt at work, you may be entitled to certain benefits under the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act.  These rights are extremely important to you, your health, your recovery, and your future.  Taking chances with those rights is at your own peril.  You don’t need to do that.  Just call Mooney & Associates at 1-877-632-4656 or 717-632-4656 for a FREE Consultation.  You may also email us at info@mooney4law.com.  Ask to consult with Attorney Mark Buterbaugh regarding your work injury.  He stands ready to evaluate your case and provide you the right strategies to win or protect your rights.

At Mooney & Associates, we provide a full workers compensation practice.  We don’t just take cases to settle.  We don’t just take the clear cut cases.  We have a full litigation practice, ready to prove your case, win you benefits, and protect your rights, from start to finish.

What types of benefits may you be eligible for?

  1.  Wage Loss.  If you are out of work because of your work injury, then you may be entitled to wage loss benefits.  Are you out by Doctor’s order?  Do you have work restrictions by your doctor and your employer refuses to accommodate those restrictions?  How many days have you missed from work?  Is my calculated average weekly wage correct?  Do I think it should be higher?  Did they include my overtime?  Many questions arise when talking about the all important wage loss benefits. They are vitally important rights.  So, don’t go it alone.  It’s what we do.   Contact Mooney & Associates right away.
  2. Medical Benefits.  Again, and in many cases, these benefits are the most important.  You want to get better.  You want to be pain free.  You have outstanding medical bills, out of pocket medical expenses, deductibles, co-pays, and it is all adding up.   Are certain services, therapies, etc. being denied by your insurance carrier?  Is surgery being denied?  Have you been scheduled for an IME (Independent Medical Examination)?  How long do I have to treat with the doctor my company sends me to?  Can I treat with my own doctor?  Again, these are common questions to invaluable rights.  So don’t go it alone.  It’s what we doContact Mooney & Associates today.
  3. Specific Loss Benefits.  If you have an amputation or have loss of use of fingers, hands, legs, etc… you may be entitled to separate and distinct benefits, besides wage loss benefits.  In addition, if you have scarring and disfigurement as a result of the work injury, you may be entitled to separate specific loss benefits.  There are specific rules and evidence required.  So don’t go it alone.  It’s what we doContact Mooney & Associates right away.

Death Benefits.  If you are a widow and your spouse died as a result of the work injury, the Workers Compensation Act provides death benefits that you could receive for life.  As a widow, you may be entitled to ongoing wage loss benefits and could possible resolve your claim in a lump sum settlement.  So don’t go it alone.  It’s what we do.  Contact Mooney & Associates right now.