There are several categories of injuries that can take place in the workplace.  Below is a list of injuries we have seen, litigated, and settled, with some information that may be helpful for your case.  This is obviously not an exhaustive list.

  1.  Traumatic Brain Injuries.  These injuries usually are concussion type injuries that many times result in post concussion syndrome, with ongoing problems with headaches, vision problems, dizziness, and more.   These injuries usually occur when a person falls and hits their head or when something falls on top of them.
  2. Traumatic Injuries
    1. Back/Neck:  Many times when an injured worker experiences a back injury, usually from lifting, it is in many cases not a witnessed event.  These injuries also frequently trigger a workers compensation denial.  Why?  Because they can become very expensive for insurance carriers.  If you have a back injury that is deemed by the carrier to be a “lumbar strain” and you continue having back pain for weeks thereafter, don’t go it alone.  It’s what we do. Contact Mooney & Associates right away.
    2. Shoulder:  These types of injuries can result from lifting, pulling, or pushing heavy objects/persons in a specific event, or they can be the result of repetitive activity.  Our firm sees shoulder injuries often, both specific event and repetitive injuries.  Many times shoulder injuries may lead to surgery that the insurance carrier denies.  Don’t take that chance.  It’s what we do.
    3. Arms/Legs – Breaks, ACL, MCL, and PCL ligament tears, meniscus tears, ankle ligament damage, carpal tunnel, ulnar nerve issues, torn wrist tendons, and many other conditions are injuries frequently sustained through work activities.   These type so injuries can result form a specific event or from repetitive trauma.  Carpal tunnel is an example of a repetitive injury that is frequently denied by the workers compensation insurance carrier.
    4. Hernias
    5. Burns
    6. Repetitive Injuries:  These injuries are mostly always denied.  Why? Common sense.  If the jobs are repetitive, then the claims can mount for an employer.  These types of injuries usually involve the shoulder or the arm.  Frequently these involve carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve problems, cubital tunnel syndrome, rotator cuff tears, shoulder tendinitis, and more.  These injuries are almost always denied and need specific evidence.  We handle these types of cases all the time.  Don’t go it alone.  It’s what we doContact Mooney & Associates right now.
    7. Occupational Diseases
    8. Aggravation of Pre-existing Conditions.  These will almost always trigger denials as well.  If you have a pre-existing condition, such as back problems, but have not been in active treatment, and an event at work causes pain, then you may have very well aggravated a pre-existing condition.  These injuries are separate and distinct work injuries.  Often insurance carriers and employers will tell you that you don’t have a workers comp claim because you had a previous condition. That’s just not true.  It’s down right wrong.  They want you to just go away.  So don’t got it alone.  It’s what we doContact Mooney & Associates right away.
    9. Death Claims

Injuries can happen anywhere, anytime, when a person is working.  We frequently see more injuries from clients who have worked at:

Warehouses, Nursing Homes (CAN and LPN), Truck Drivers and Loaders, Factory Workers, Assemblers, Order Pickers/Selecters, Painters/Welders, Alternative School/Rehab workers, Large Retailers, Merchandise Stockers, Cleaning/Maintenance, and many, many more.