Many times, workers’ compensation claims never go through full litigation to a decision by the Judge.  Often, these types of cases end up settling for a lump sum amount of money.  You have likely heard or a friend has talked to you about settling your case.  It is a critically important decision BECAUSE OF THE IMPACT ON YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS provided by the  Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act.  It is important that you have all the facts  to determine if it is the right time or if you should settle your claim at all.

If you meet one of the following criteria, then settling your claim MIGHT be for you.  However, it is important you contact us at Mooney & Associates to discuss your options, get a settlement evaluation, and discuss whether it is right FOR YOU!

If you:

  1. Have been on workers compensation benefits for six or more months;
  2. Have a treating doctor telling you that you will never do your pre-injury job again or has provided you permanent work restrictions’
  3. Are tired of the workers compensation hassle
  4. Are totally disabled from the work injury
  5. Are out of work because of your injury, but have been laid off, terminated, or your employer closed

If any of these apply, then it doesn’t hurt to get a free settlement evaluation.

Settling a claim can be complex.  It isn’t just about the money.  What about your future health care costs?  What about future, scheduled treatment?  What about private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare liens in which they may have paid for work related expenses?  What about out of pocket medical expenses you paid?  Insurance carriers will try and skirt these expenses as well as short change you on lump sum amounts.  You get one shot to settle your claim.  One shot only!  Once it is settled, it is done, forever.

As an injured worker, you need to know if it will be in your best interest to settle, and if so, to make sure you are getting the very best deal possible.  You need an Attorney who understands how settlements are calculated and how to negotiate with insurance carriers.  There are Pros and Cons to settling.  We can help answers your questions.

So don’t go it alone.  It’s what we do.  Contact Mooney & Associates right now for your FREE consultation.   Your insurance carrier has Attorneys, so should you!