Unlike many injured workers that we represent throughout Central Pennsylvania, injured workers who are employed by the Federal Government CAN’T seek Workers’ Compensation benefits through the state workers’ compensation system. Instead, injured federal government employees are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits under the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA). Injured workers claims are administered through the Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP). The way claims are administered today, denial of benefits and significant delays are common, and Federal Government employees do NOT deserve that. That is why legal representation for your workers compensation claim is critical. Mooney & Associates vigorously fights for the compensation benefits you deserve.

Who is covered?

  • Federal Government agency employees
  • US Postal Workers
  • TSA employees
  • Veteran Administration employees
  • Social Security Administration employees
  • And other Federal employees, including Temporary employees
    • Except: Railroad employees, Longshoreman employees, Black Lung, Harbor employees, and Armed Forces employees.

Benefits: What benefits am I entitled to as an injured Federal government employee?

  • Wage Loss benefits
  • Medical Benefits
  • Schedule Award benefits for permanent injuries
  • Possibly Vocation Rehabilitation services
  • Survivor Benefits

What can we help with?

  • Begin a new claim
  • Denied Claims
    • Hearing level
    • Reconsideration
    • Employees Compensation Appeal Board hearings
  • Acquiring necessary medical evidence to support your claim
    • Fight agency initiated second medical opinions
  • Obtaining Schedule Awards
  • Responding to Modified Duty job offers
  • Fighting reduced compensation attempts
  • Fight termination of benefit notices

We represent injured workers throughout Central Pennsylvania and can represent injured Federal Government employees throughout all of Pennsylvania. Let us help win and protect your benefits that you deserve. You didn’t ask to get injured. Call Mooney & Associates today for a FREE CONSULTATION at 717-200-HURT or email us direct on our website through the contact form.