My Employer’s insurance carrier is calling me back to take a recorded statement. Should I agree to a recorded statement?

No. You are not required to by law and the insurance carrier is only attempting to box you in. Politely decline the request and call us at 877-632-4656.

Can I treat with my own doctor for my work injury?

Depends. If your Employer has a list of six panel doctors, and it is posted, then you must treat with one of the six panel doctors for the first 90 days from the date of your injury. You are free to choose which Panel Doctor you wish to treat with. After the 90 days, then you are free to treat with a Doctor of your choice. If your Employer does not have a list of panel doctors, then you are free to treat with the Doctor of your choice.

I am currently out of work with a work injury. My employer is trying to force me back to work and I do not think I am ready. What should I do?

Call us at 877-632-4656. If your employer is trying to return you to work either your pre-injury job or a light duty job that does not meet your Doctor’s work restrictions, call us immediately. If your Employer offers you light duty within the work restrictions set by your Doctor, then you should attempt to perform the light duty job. Either way, call us at 877-632-4656.

I am receiving workers’ compensation benefits and have been for some time. What is a lump-sum settlement and is it right for me?

Lump-sum settlement is a resolution of your claim against your employer. There are several approaches to settling your case. First, you can completely resolve your case for one lump-sum payment, which ends your wage loss benefits and medical benefits open for a specified period of time. Third, you can settlement your wage loss benefits only and keep medical benefits open indefinitely. Which type is right for you? Is settlement appropriate for your case? Contact us at 877-632-4656 for a free consultation to discuss your options and the right choice for you.

I was injured at work and my employer has denied my claim. Now what?

Call us right away at 877-632-4656.

I am receiving workers’ compensation benefits and have received a Termination or Suspension Petition in the mail from my employer. What is this?

If you have received a Termination petition, your employer is alleging that you are fully recovered from you work injury and therefore you should be able to return to work and all your benefits, both wage loss and medical benefits, should be terminated. You should call us immediately at 877-632-4656. If you received a Suspension Petition, your employer believes they have offered you a job that you are capable of performing. Often, these Petitions are based on the medical opinion of the Employer’s doctor (usually through an IME exam that you attended). However, the Petition may also be based on a job offer based on your own Doctor’s work restrictions. Either way, it is important that your rights are protected. Call us for a free consultation, 877-632-4656.

What is my case worth?

Depends. When reviewing your work injury for settlement purposes, we look at your wages, seriousness of your injury, future medical liability and other factors in determining value of your case. Never negotiate with an insurance carrier yourself. You will be short changed. You need and deserve maximum value for your case. Call us at 877-632-4656 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

When should I call an Attorney?

Easy. When you are injured at work, call Mooney & Associates right away. Even if your employer/insurance carrier are paying your benefits and wage loss benefits, you should seek legal advise. Eventually, in most cases, your employer/insurance carrier will try and suspend/terminate your benefits, send you for an IME or try and get you back to work before you are ready. If you are being paid benefits, we will freely monitor your case so we are ready to go in protecting your workers’ compensation benefits when you need us. Call us at 877-632-4656 for a FREE CONSULTATION.

A Nurse Case Advocate/Manager constantly shows up at my doctor’s visits and speaks with my doctor. Is that OK?

No. First and foremost, the nurse is NOT your advocate. If he/she was, you would be paying them. However, it is the workers’ compensation insurance carrier paying the nurse, not you. The nurse is the “eyes and ears” for the insurance carrier. Frequently, they try and force your treating doctor to send you back to work before you are ready and before your doctor thinks you are ready. If a Nurse is involved in your case, call us immediately for a FREE CONSULTATION at 877-632-4656.

What are the costs to have Mooney & Associates represent me for my work injury?

We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS and you will never be charged for office visits. Workers’ compensation is personal injury. Our fees are contingent on us collecting for you. In other words, if we win, we collect. If we lose, we don’t. That simple. No retainers. No office visit fees. We get paid when we win you benefits, protect you from suspension/termination or settle your case. There is no financial reason to not call us to protect your rights. Call us today for a FREE CONSULTATION at 877-632-4656.

What benefits are you, as an injured worker, entitled to?

Wage loss benefits are meant to compensate you while you are out of work because of the work injury. Typically, the benefits are 66 2/3% of your average weekly wages (AWW).

Often your employer may calculate your average weekly wage incorrectly. Remember, the average weekly wage is what your wage loss benefits are based upon.

Medical Benefits: If you are injured at work and your employer has accepted your work injury, you are entitled to have all medical expenses relating to the work injury paid through workers’ compensation.

Specific Loss: If you are injured and have lost a limb, finger, loss of use of a limb, or have a burn, scar, or disfigurement, you may be entitled to specific loss benefits that are completely seperate than any wage loss benefits you are reeceiving. You may also be entitled to additional benefits for a “healing” period.

Death Benefits: If a loved one was killed as a result of a work injury, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation death benefits.

Penalty Fees: If your employer has unilaterally stopped paying your wage loss benefits or you are having difficulty getting medical expenses paid, you may be entitled to penalties.

Lump-Sum Settlement: Tired of the vicious cycle of the workers’ compensation process? Have you been on workers’ compensation for more than 4 months and want to move on with your life? Are you on workers’ compensation and you do not believe you can ever perform your pre-injury job? Are you an older worker over age 50? You may very well be a candidate for a lump-sum settlement of your workers’ compensation case. WE can help negotiate your settlement.

Critical Note: It is important if your employer or insurance carrier contacts you and is interested in settling your case, that you call us. We can and will negotiate a higher settlement than what they will offer you.

Following my Workers’ Compensation case, can we help?

Social Security Disability: If you are in a situation where you and your doctor believe you may never work again, you need to call us at 877-632-4656. Often workers’ compensation injured works are hurt very seriously. We can help you apply for Social Security Disability benefits and represent and fight for your eligibility for those benefits before Social Security judges.

Lump-Sum Settlement: Once we negotiate a lump-sum settlement, it is important you protect that money. If you need a will or some estate planning, we can help with very experienced Estate Attorneys. Protect your assets and pass them on.