Many law firms are not interested in your workers compensation case unless you are ready to settle or you are out on wage loss benefits and a Suspension/Termination Petition has been filed against you.  Why?  They want to be paid right away.  It’s that simple.

Not at Mooney & Associates.  We handle full litigation workers compensation claims.  We will fight a Claim Petition to get you benefits, we will fight Termination/Suspension/Modification Petition filed against you, and we will settle your case if you believe that is in your best interest.  We will stand by you from beginning to the end of your claim, fighting and protecting your rights.  It’s what we do.

Finally, if you are injured at work and your claim is accepted and you are getting paid wage loss benefits, do you even need an Attorney?  Yes, you do.  The insurance carrier has lawyers and adjusters constantly reviewing your file, shouldn’t you have an Attorney on your side? At some point, you will need an Attorney.  The insurance carrier will at some point want to settle or take hostile action against you, such as, scheduling an IME examination.  Don’t wait until the last minute.  Contact Mooney & Associates right now for a FREE CONSULTATION.  If your claim is accepted, we will monitor your case for FREE! We won’t turn you away.

When should you contact Mooney & Associates?

  1. Immediately after you get injured at work
  2. When you receive a Workers Compensation Denial
  3. When you receive a Termination, Suspension, Modification Petition against you.
  4. When the insurance carrier schedules you for an IME.  They are beginning to take hostile action against you.  Protect your rights.  They are too valuable.
  5. When your insurance carrier contacts you regarding settlement.
  6. When your insurance carrier files a Utilization Review or filed for an IRE examination.
  7. Your are feeling threatened by your employer.

Use golden rule #1.  If you are injured at work, don’t go it alone.  It’s what we do.  Contact Mooney & Associates right now.