This is an image of an echocardiogram display.Medical malpractice involving traumatic brain injury usually occurs when a surgeon is performing an operation on the patient’s brain, such as to remove a tumor, and makes a mistake causing injury. Surgical mistakes could cause significant damage to the brain. Other ways the brain could be damaged by medical malpractice include, over medicating a patient, with either the type of prescription or in administering the drug, failure to diagnose a brain tumor, infection as a result of a surgery or mistakes in the amount or type of anesthesia.

Compensation for Financial Loss

No matter what the cause, if you can establish that a doctor, surgeon or other medical professional was negligent, they may be held liable for the injury they caused or failed to prevent. This could result in compensation for financial losses and physical and emotional losses suffered. Damages may include not only current expenses but also future losses as well. This would include rehabilitation, physical therapy, loss of earning and if not able to return to work, earning potential too. This would also include pain and suffering and mental anguish.

It is very important to gather all of the evidence to establish your medical malpractice claim and to prove all of the areas of compensation needed. Contact Mooney & Associates to help you obtain the compensation you deserve. Our ability to work with qualified experts to build your case is essential to getting you the results you deserve.