This is an image of a baby.A birth injury can be any type of injury that occurred during pregnancy, labor or delivery or shortly after birth to the child or mother. Symptoms of a birth injury include seizures, depressions or indentation in the head, swelling of the head, asymmetrical facila movements, such as one side of face movements when crying.

What are common birth injuries?

Common birth injuries include bruising from forceps, fractures of the clavicle or collarbone, brachial plexus palsy (damage to the network of nerves on each side of the upper body affecting the shoulder, arms and hands – Erb’s Palsy) and various other injuries such as bleeding in the brain, facial nerve injury and skull fractures. A birth injury can cause other broken bones, severe nerve damage such as a spinal injury or permanent brain damage. Birth injuries can cause cerebral palsy, a movement, balance and posture disorder caused by an injury to the movement areas of the brain. This can be caused by lack of oxygen to the brain or damage to a part of the brain.

Are birth injuries preventable?

Some birth injuries can cause serious, permanent damage and create a lifelong mental or physical disability. Some birth injuries are caused by medical negligence or improper medical care in which the injury was preventable. The most tragic form of birth injury is one that could have been prevented by proper care before, during and after labor and delivery. Birth injuries can be caused by improper medical care.

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