This is an image of two crutches.You deserve compensation if you have been injured by a defective medical device. Mooney & Associates fights for your rights for compensation when a medical device fails to perform as it was intended to do. Here are a list of known devices that have allowed for compensation for the injury they caused because of their failure to perform.

  • Hip Implants Metal-on Metal
  • Stryker Rejuvenate & ABG II ( July 2012 Recall)
  • DePuy ASR (August 2010 Recall)
  • Zimmer Durom Cup (withdrew Acetabular component from market in 2008)
  • Knee Replacements Zimmer CR-Flex

Why Hip Replacements Fail?

Hip replacements are performed more often than any other orthopedic surgery in the US. Makers and promoters of hip implant like to portray the devices as miracles of modern medical science; but what they fail to mention is that hip implant failure can cause grotesquely ruinous health problems. Hip replacements can fail when the implant contains a design defect. Hip implants have three main components, the stem that attaches to the femur bone, the cup that anchors into the socket, and the fixation product that attaches the stem and cup to the bone, unless it is designed to be only attached by bone growth. Hip implant design problems can cause swelling, fever, pain (moderate to severe), pseudo-tumors, tissue infections and breakdowns, inability to walk, and inability to work to provide for yourself and your family.

You have the right to demand justice from the manufacturer and the supplier of your hip implant. They had a duty to warn the public of the dangers of their product. Contact Mooney & Associates now to find out what compensation you should receive for the defective hip implant within you or for your pain, your medical complications, extended immobilization and /or for revision surgery. Revision surgery, unlike hip replacement surgery, is a much more intensive procedure that has an appreciable greater risk of things going wrong during surgery and in the weeks and months that follow the surgery. Mooney & Associates will help you obtain the monetary compensation you deserve. You may be entitled to court ordered or approved money from the manufacturer and supplier of your hip replacement. You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages or income if this had not happened to you.

Knee Replacements can Also Fail

Similarly, some knee replacements have had design defects. Knee replacements are to last 15 to 20 years. In 2010, it was determined that approximately 9 % of Zimmer knee replacements were failing much earlier than other implants. The component creates excess pressure which prevents the bone from fully fusing with the implant. In 2003, Smith & Nephew recalled a replacement knee system because 30 out of 3000 needed corrective surgery because the product became loose. Always consult with your doctor about the medical safety of the implant before proceeding with the surgery and go to FDA website for safety communications; but if you are injured by such a device, contact Mooney & Associates to order to get the compensation you deserve.