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This is an image of a boat. When people are injured by irresponsible boat or RV owners, they need the experienced team of Mooney and Associates.When people are having fun, they often forget that they still have to be responsible to operate their vehicle in a safe manner. A person having fun on a jet ski may drive recklessly by a swimming area; or a person may be having a beer while steering a boat. These people injure other people every day. When someone else’s poor decision or negligence cause you serious harm, permanent damage or death, whether on an RV or a boat, they should be held responsible for the damages.

Alcohol and Other Factors

Many of these accidents are alcohol-related, involving drunk driving. These negligent actions can lead to drowning, broken bones, head and neck injuries, amputations and paralysis. These cases can have multiple defendants and can be complex. You will need the experience of a legal team who knows how to begin the investigation immediately.

The negligence of others can quickly turn a best day of your life into one the worst days of your life. One person’s decision to drink while boating or driving his recreational vehicle recklessly can lead to an innocent victim suffering catastrophic injury, injuries that can last their entire life  or even death. All- terrain vehicles (ATVs), four wheel or all wheel trucks while off road, a dirt bike, a snowmobile or any type of water craft all have the potential to cause serious injury or death if driven negligently.

What to do?

When this happens you need Mooney & Associates, the RV accident attorneys,  the boating accident lawyers,  on your side to evaluate damages and liability, gather and preserve evidence, obtain statements, find experts and present a compelling argument for negotiation for a settlement or take the guilty parties to trial if needed. We have the legal abilities and ethical standards needed to get you the compensation you deserve. We take every legal action necessary to maximize your compensation for future care needs, medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering.  We investigate and pursue RV injury claims and  boating acccident claims in York, PA  Carlisle,  PA  Hanover, PA   Harrisburg, PA and all areas in South Central Pennsylvania.    Contact Mooney & Associates today!!