Motor Vehicle Defect Attorneys in Carlisle, PA

Also serving York, Harrisburg, Chambersburg, and surrounding areas!

This is an image of a driver of a defective vehicle for whom Mooney and Associates meticulously research and identify the root causes of accidents attributable to vehicle defects and malfunctions.One of the first duties of a personal injury lawyer after a car, truck, or motorcycle accident is to determine the cause of the accident that may have happened in Harrisburg, PA or York, PA or Chambersburg, PA or  Carlisle, PA anywhere in South Central Pennsylvania, seriously  injuring a client or killing a family member of a client. A rear-end collision, a T-bone crash, a sideswipe, a crosswalk accident, a car-bicycle accident, or a chain reaction multi-vehicle crash may have been the result of any number of factors, including driver inattention, hazardous road conditions, or defective vehicle components.

With our dedicated office staff, and zealous personal injury attorneys, we are well prepared to handle motor vehicle defect injury claims when defective auto parts are found to have caused or contributed to an accidental injury. We file lawsuits and take cases to court if that is necessary to help our clients obtain the maximum compensation after they have suffered serious or catastrophic injuries because of:

  • Faulty airbags
  • Defective seat belts
  • Bad brakes
  • Lack of roll bars in roofs of SUVs
  • Tire tread separation

We represent families with wrongful death claims arising from fatal auto accidents caused or exacerbated by auto defects. We fight for full and fair compensation for losses suffered by the victims (and their wives, husbands, and children) including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation therapy
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Pain and suffering, including the loss of enjoyment of life
  • Funeral and related expenses

Our auto defect lawyers vigorously pursue compensation for our clients’ injuries, losses, pain, and suffering. Our focus at Mooney & Associates is not to pursue a frivolous auto defect lawsuit, but we are serious about doing what it takes to protect the rights of victims to compensation after a serious or catastrophic injury.

We thoroughly investigate each case, working as needed in cooperation with other professionals, such as auto parts specialists and medical doctors.

Do not delay and miss important time limits or filing deadlines on your auto defect accident claim. If you have been injured in a drunk driver car crash or automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, or truck accident, we urge you to contact Mooney & Associates, the auto defect accident attorneys,  today. Consultations are free. We do not collect a fee unless we recover money for you. Don’t delay because there are time limits on your claim – contact Mooney & Associates today for your free case evaluation!.