What do I need in my estate plan?

An estate plan should be based on your goals for your personal wellbeing and finances throughout your life and your goals for your estate upon your passing. From asset protection from creditors to providing instructions for your medical agents, the plan is developed in consideration of an individuals’ unique life situation, taking into consideration the impact of all decisions and the relationships of loved ones. Your estate plan should change with the circumstances of your life and includes more than documents, it compiles a plan which relies on a thorough understanding of your goals.

What is asset protection planning?

Asset protection planning protects your assets during your life and the lives of your beneficiaries from creditors, divorce, lawsuits, and nursing home costs. As part of a comprehensive estate plan, asset protection planning allows you and your beneficiaries more options than to just protect from taxes.

Why do you want to know about my family and financial information?

In order to create a comprehensive and thorough plan according to your goals, we must evaluate your assets to determine the risks that can undermine your purpose. Family relationship have a dynamic impact on such items as who you wish make decisions on your behalf and who you wish to access your assets. All discussions of finances and relationships are protected by confidentiality and attorney client privilege.

How is elder law different than traditional estate planning?

While traditional estate planning focused on documents and the single purpose fulfilled by each instrument, the purpose of elder law is a thorough approach to protecting assets and qualifying for benefits according to your goals during your life and upon your passing. Elder law changes the discussion from only tax savings and asset distribution upon passing, to evaluating your current risks and goals to ensure that there are assets still available for you and your loved ones.