This is an image of two people reviewing a business formation document which Mooney and Associates has the expertise to process.When you are creating a new business or restructuring an existing business, the owner (s) needs to decide on the formation of the business. Is it best for the business to be a sole proprietorship, a limited partnership, a limited liability partnership, a general partnership, a corporation (Subchapter C or S), a limited liability company (LLC), a non- profit organization, or a Family Limited Partnership (LLP)? There are various forms of business organizations available in Pennsylvania. What are the business and tax consequences of that decision and how will that decision affect how the business operates? The attorneys at Mooney & Associates assist clients in making the right business formation decision and prepare the documents necessary to establish that formation type. Mooney & Associates will assist you with:

  • Small Business Startups
  • Corporate & Business Planning
  • Fictitious Name Registration
  • Real Estate Matters

The business experience of the attorneys at Mooney & Associates allows them to assist our clients in making the right decision for their particular circumstances. Each type of business organization has complicated legal and tax consequences that will affect the new business, its owners and its future. Owners need to consider the startup costs, the complexity of reporting requirements, the personal liability issues, the tax consequences and the legal burden imposed by statutes and regulations.

When a business has more than one owner, the owners must consider carefully prepare the entity’s governing documents, such as partnership agreements, operating agreements, by-laws and voting trusts and procedures. Our attorneys at Mooney & Associates will help the owners determine their goals and the best way to achieve those goals.