This is an image of an attorney reviewing a contract with his client.  Mooney and Associates are experts in contract law and cans support any business.When you own or manage a business, you will need to have legal documents to deal with many issues. You will need the assistance of attorneys who can draft and review legal documents to protect your rights. We know how to properly draft a document to address all your concerns. We know how to solve problems from a business point of view and can negotiate with your vendors and customers when needed.

There are many documents that require our vast business knowledge to prepare for various commercial transactions:

  • Vendor Agreements
  • Employee Documents (such as non-competes and nondisclosure)
  • Buying & Selling Agreements for Business or Portion Thereof
  • Mergers
  • Leases of Equipment & Property
  • Stockholder Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements

The attorneys at Mooney & Associates have the knowledge and experience to protect your interest in all of your business transactions. We help you find solutions through prepared documents that assist you in maintaining a working entity.