What will happen to my credit ratings?

Generally, after the discharge, your credit rating will improve.

Will my name be in the paper and will my employer and relatives get notice of the filing for bankruptcy?

If filing as an individual, the petition is a public filing but will only be published in the federal courthouse database. Business filings may be published in local papers. Your employer and relatives are rarely informed.

Is there a way to hide what I own?

No – you must be honest about your debts and assets. If you intentionally misrepresent your financial situation in any way, we will withdraw our representation.

Will I be allowed to keep real estate in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

You will need to file a Motion to Avoid a Lien, which will be an extra cost. The fee of $300 must be less than the asset we are protecting. We are able to do lien searches on your property to determine if any liens have been filed. Any sale of the property must be reported by us to the court.

How do I deal with creditors?

After you have paid the initial retainer to us, you should refer all creditors to us. We will inform the creditors that they may have no further contact with you.

How will I pay for these legal services?

We do accept payment plans for filing for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, but we require at least one half of our fee along all filing to be paid prior to filing the petition. If proceeding with a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, part of our payment plan for legal services will be payable over the 5 year period.